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I'm a Northern California native that transplanted to the midwest in pursuit of a grand adventure. I spent four years at THE Ohio State University where I graduated with a degree in Film Studies, gave my life to Jesus, learned the beauty of independence, and met my favorite guy in the whole world, Ben. (And married way up.)


I'm a sucker for summer, but love the anticipation of changing seasons. I love firefly nights as much as a crisp October morning, and think a perfect life would involve ice cream every night, breezy neighborhood walks every evening, and waking up to the sun every morning.


I believe that there's no better place than home, whether that's a person, a place, or that warm feeling you get when you feel like your heart could just burst (in the best way possible, of course.) There's just something about the character and story of old homes that I'll never get over; same with flowers that arrive after long, frozen winters, the uplifting smell of Anthroplogie candles, and traveling to explore cute towns and being surrounded by new scenery.


I try not to take myself too seriously and love a good pun. I believe that pizza covers all your basic food groups, and that finding joy in the little things can change your whole dang day.

My photography career officially began in 2010, but I've been in love with the medium for much longer. From the days of shooting disposable cameras and picking up the developed film at the Target photo counter, to my first cell phone camera (gasp, before we even had Instagram!), to my aqua blue point and shoot Canon that accompanied me on many high school era "photoshoots" with friends, photography has always been one of my preferred forms of artistic expression.


I love the flexibility and creativity and the way it allows one to capture a moment just how your eye sees it, or... to capture that same moment in the way your heart feels it.


I strive to deliver images that not only look pretty*, but make you feel something. I want your gallery to embody your personality and the things (and people) you love. If you look through your wedding or newborn gallery and find your heart bursting a little, I feel like I've done my job.

*but, I mean, pretty is pretty dang important too.


Now that you've read through way more than you  probably needed to know about me, tell me a little (or

a lot) about you, your favorite person or people, your wedding plans, your favorite animal...


Seriously, be long winded if you want. Stop to take a breather and then come back to being long winded again. I don't mind. In fact, it's encouraged. I'd love to hear about all your exciting plans coming up!

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